Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging Cell
College has prepared a committee for anti ragging whose members are Dr. Dev Raj Attri and Dr. Satinder Pal. This committee filled a form for new admission which is attached to prospect. Principal Dr. Geeta Thakur told new students about Anti ragging so that old students don't misbehave the new students.
This college has started since 2006 at that time there is no complaint about it. The students of the college are so disciplined. Students learn religious and moral values there. This college celebrated activities related to games, culture, and religious every month. The higher authorities of the college always praised the students of the college regarding their behavior in college campus because they never included in strikes or other anti social activities like other colleges students. Students of the college came from different states, cities and villages for study. The students of college always ready to help each other and live as brotherhood. Not even a single case of ragging happened.





Dr. Geeta Thakur



Dr. Devraj Attri



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