Sports Club

Sports club
Welcome to Sports Club– where health, fitness and community converge to create an unrivaled experience. Artfully blending cutting-edge equipment with technological innovation, each Club features a spacious environment and knowledgeable staff to inspire you on your journey to feeling better, stronger and more connected to a healthy life.
For students active in sports and games the Sports Club arranges time and again various sports events and competitions with the support of the institution’s Sports Organization. The college campus provides all amenities to the sports lovers including well maintained sports grounds and facilities for games such as hockey, football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, athletics etc. and well as various indoor games like badminton.
Along with study Intramurals and Extra murals are timely organized by the college in order to impart the practical and situational knowledge to the students; as the students are the coming professionals of physical education and sports.

Intramural are organized to give hands on experience to students in organizing games and sports. The entire college is divided in to four houses. Each house has a teacher in-charge, a captain and a vice captain to handle the various teams of the houses. These houses system inculcate the qualities .

Extramural 2013-14

  • An extramural Badminton match was held at A.C.P.E ground between Akal Degree College and A.C.P.E. on dated 20-07-2013. The match was won by A.C.P.E.
  • A Basketball match was held at A.C.P.E Basketball Court between Akal College of Pharmacy and A.C.P.E. on dated 07-09-2013. The match was won by A.C.P.E.
Incharges Inramural 
Dr. Dev Raj Attri
A.P Rajwinder Singh
A.P Sohandeep Singh
Incharges Extramural
Dr. Amandeep Singh
A.P Sukhwinder Singh Maan
A.P Rajni