Green Club

Green club
The mission of the green club is to promote cross cultural understanding of the unique eco-system and culture among the students and educate the public about the importance of concentration and bio-diversity in order to accomplish the ideal goal of the sustainable eco-system and human society.

  1. Advancing a healthy way of living our daily life.
  2. Providing guidance to appreciate the natural history.
  3. Presenting opportunities to learn how to decrease human disturbance and impact.
  4. Encouraging active participation in community environmental perfection.


  1. To guide natural walks and eco-focus.
  2. To discuss conversation issues on radio and television program.
  3. To provide educational references including posters, books, videos and slides of birds, plants and conservation issues as well as way to keep environment healthy.
  4. To corporate with inter-cultural and local environment.
  5. The Green Club works will generate results which grant people the freedom to identify and solve environmental conservation problems and green living experience. 
  6. Wildlife and the environment benefit from The Green Club litter cleanups, native tree plantings,nonnative plant removal, and recycling programs. 
People will develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic patterns and processes by which nature sustains life and how these core ecological concepts relate to sustainable human communities.

A.P Sohandeep Singh
A.P Naresh Kumar
A.P Rajwinder Singh